Sunday, October 16, 2016

PCB drill press

Building a PCB drill out of a 12mm linear rail and other material sitting around. Thought of making the big jump to a complete CNC machine, but keeping budget lower for now.
The rails are 12mm diameter with two pillow blocks, the must have parts to achieve some level of precision, specially when making PCB's down to 10mils sizes.
The motor used for the drill is an old DC motor from a cordless drill that operates with around 2.A and the motor driving the slide was purchased from eBay. All is working out of a 12V regulated power supply.
The control circuit is as simple as it can gets, just a position switch to detect and stop the slide at idle position, a foot switch to trigger the drill and few components to provide lower speed on the drill motor while in idle state.
The slide is weight balance by both spring and counter weight system and target selection done with a camera and two mirrors made of a HD current in half.
Below some pics and video.

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